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NMSI Support the Children of Old Fadama, Agbogbloshi, Accra

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On the 21st November 2016, Charlie Fisher (NMSI’s ICT Manager) donated the first consignment of educational books, clothes and games to the children of Old Fadama, which had been collected
by his wife Hilary.

The district of Agbogbloshi, Accra, is one of the most deprived areas in Ghana and West Africa. It is located adjacent to an extremely polluted wet land and life is not easy for the people of this district. NMSI Ghana friend, Sister Eileen (Franciscan Missionaries) who is a retired teacher, works in the district teaching children, who due to economic circumstances do not get a chance to basic education.

Sister Eileen also helps a local missionary (Missionaries of Charity) who recently built a school and a health clinic in the area. NMSI thought on how they could best help Sister Eileen and the collection for the school was started.

It is hoped that this is the first of many donations for Sister Eileen to then pass onto the Children of Old Fadama, so for anyone based in the UK who would like to make a collection of school books, clothes or games, please contact Caroline Young on and send all donations to the NMSI office in Poole (5 Winchester Place, North Street, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1NX).

Thank you for your continued support.

NMSI, Soland and A Child Unheard Collaborate on Urgent Roof Repairs at ACU School

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During the months of October and November, NMSI enrolled Soland into one of our ‘Giving Back’ partners, A Child
Unheard, where they are now completing the urgent repair and renovation works to ACU’s school roof.

This project, partially financed by the funds raised by William Hsu (son of NMSI Deputy Chairman Fred Hsu) and friend Charlie Stevens from their epic 10,500 km cycle ride along the silk road for ACU, is a great milestone for Soland, as they gain their first, of what is hoped will be many, new contracts outside the ‘Built To Care Ghana’ district hospital programme.

This is phase 1 of the renovation programme at the school and sees the renovation of the kitchen, classroom and office block. This phase of works is well underway and is due to be completed by mid-November.

Richard Goodall, Director of Strategy – A Child Unheard Foundation, said “due to the condition of the roof at our school, we found ourselves in real need of a professional and compassionate construction partner. Thankfully we
found NMSI and Soland listened to our needs and they have exceeded our expectations. All of us at the A Child Unheard Foundation, the school and the children want to thank NMSI and their team for their fantastic help”.

Furthermore, Soland have employed labourers from the local Ayenyah community, in turn passing on and transferring long term skills to all those involved in the project.


Menstrual Health Programme – Community Engagement and Training Begins at Ayenyah

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The menstrual health programme sponsored by NMSI, A Child Unheard (ACU) and Ruby Cup has started to be implemented through the ACU school in Ayenyah, in conjunction with the NMSI-supported Community Health Planning Clinic.

On 21 October an engagement session was held with the Chief and Elders of the local community to introduce the benefits of using a menstrual cup. This session was an opportunity to introduce the Ruby menstrual cup, as well as incorporate some basic menstrual health education. Sister Gracelove, from the Ayenyah Community Health Clinic, led the session which resulted in full engagement and support for the programme.

The first training session was held on 24 October with the teachers of the ACU School and the community health nurses, who will become the support and contact personnel for the girls going forward.

Studies have shown that girls can miss up to 20% of their schooling because they stay at home during a menstrual cycle. This absenteeism can cause some girls to drop out of school entirely, so it is hoped that this programme will improve the girls’ health and understanding of their menstrual cycle, in turn helping improve school attendance.

In total 25 pupils at the school, 8 teachers, 3 nurses and 37 women from the community will receive education and
training. This training will cover an introduction to the Ruby menstrual cup, how to use it and keep it clean and
hygienic, as well as basic reproductive health education.



NMSI Support the Ghana Institution of Surveyors Annual Seminar

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On 28 and 29 October, the Ghana Institution of Surveyors held their annual seminar and it was with great delight that NMSI and Genelec Support Services (GSS) were asked to attend as part of the panel discussions.

Jacob Yalley, Head QS of NMSI-GSS, an up and coming chartered Quantity Surveyor, spoke about robotics in the
construction industry. His discussion included: on-site real time cameras, drone technology and project monitoring;
reliance on cloud computing and remote working; developing ICT systems on medical record (Mentisoft),
pharmaceutical and warehouse management systems; and communications with online conferencing for global workforce. The other panellist included a chartered quantity surveyor and a real-estate academic from a local university.

Damian Malins, NMSI’s Construction Manager and Projects Director, also gave a presentation to the delegates. This presentation covered the major steps in the construction process of the ‘Built To Care Ghana’ Hospital Project and how lessons can be learnt. He also discussed the key issue of work force management, highlighting the importance of employment from within the local community.

The seminar was insightful and informative and allowed a diverse amount of knowledge sharing. It also ensured that those who attended were better informed of the most up to date and new trends affecting their industry. ICT is becoming very important, and soon robotics in the construction industry will enhance productivity and efficiency in this field of works.


NMS’ Bid Manager named joint winner of the GTR Young Exporter of the Year award

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Nick de Lisle, NMS Bid Manager, was named joint winner of the GTR Young Exporter of the Year award at this year’s British Exporters Association annual luncheon, held at Mansion House on 10 October 2016.

The event, sponsored by National Bank of Abu Dhabi, was attended by 200 members and guests including the Lord Mayor of the City of London, The Rt. Hon. Alderman the Lord Mountevans and Sir Richard Needham, the Earl of Kilmorey.

Speaking after the award, Nick said: “It’s a great honour to have received such an award and one which I am very proud of. However, it would not have been possible without the support of the NMS Directors, who have allowed me to take on greater responsibilities and learn from more experienced personnel in the firm about contract negotiations in challenging business environments. I see it not just as an achievement for myself but for NMS and the way in which we operate.”


NMSI and GIZ launch the “Prevention is better than Cure” project

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On 8 October, Germany’s International Development Organisation (GIZ) and NMSI launched a €1.3 million preventive healthcare programme. The event took place at the newly-built Shai-Osudoku District Hospital in Dodowa, where Dr Samuel Akaba, Director of Institutional Care Division, Ministry of Health, called on Ghanaians to be more responsible for their health. He said the race to get things done for the family could steal attention but knowing what can make “you healthy and less capable of achieving life goals and taking steps to stay healthy” is the best personal choice one can make.

Mr Hartwig Michaelson, GIZ Develop Programme Manager said that they are committed to building a healthier Ghana through development partnerships with the private sector. He said that the “Prevention is better than cure” concept was crucial to Ghana because the lack of access to preventive health measures was not only disadvantageous for the livelihood of vulnerable people but also has negative effect on the national health system and economy.

Finally, Dr Kennedy Brightson, Medical Superintendent at Dodowa Hospital, called on residents of the District and beyond to patronise the hospital’s preventive healthcare unit to check their health. The staff of the facility would provide support for “healthy patients”.

The programme will offer services for the education of infection prevention and control focusing on primary health risks, clinical screening including: body mass index, blood pressure and assessment of cardiovascular risk; education on tobacco and alcohol, and promotion of physical activity.

The launch proved to be a great success and it is hoped that the programme will become a contributing factor to reduced demand on Dodowa Hospital as well as improving healthcare in Ghana.


Cycling UK Annual Awards winners!

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On Saturday 8 October, Will Hsu and Charles Stevens took centre stage at Cycling UK’s hugely successful Annual Members’ Get Together in Manchester, as joint winners of the Young Achiever of the Year Award!

School friends Charles and Will, who have both now started at university, pedalled 10,500km from Beijing to Tehran over 114 days this Summer, raising more than $50,000 for ACU in Ghana. They have also submitted a claim to the Guinness World Records to be recognised as the youngest people ever to cycle the length of the Silk Road.

Congratulations again to Charles and Will on their monumentous effort!


NMSI Partners on a New Health Initiative

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NMSI and A Child Unheard have partnered with Ruby Cup for the launch of a new ‘Menstrual Health Programme’ to be launched next month. The programme will be implemented through the ACU school in Ayenyah and will be supported by the NMSI-supported Community Health Planning Clinic, adjacent to the school.

The menstrual cups, which are made from 100% medical grade silicone and re-usable for up to 10 years, are an eco-friendly and long-lasting solution to improving menstrual health, with Ruby Cup donating the first 100 cups to the programme free of charge. By introducing Ruby Cup into a community, it is hoped the programme will help improve the education of the girls on their reproductive health and menstrual hygiene.

Caroline Young, NMSI’s CSR Manager, said “it is great to be able to enter this partnership with Ruby Cup and A Child Unheard. Menstrual health is a hugely overlooked barrier to development and it has a significant impact on a girl’s health and education. Studies have shown that girls can miss up to 20% of their schooling because they stay at home during a menstrual cycle. This absenteeism can cause some girls to drop out of school entirely. With this partnership, it is hoped that we can improve the girls’ health and school attendance, whilst improving the understanding of menstrual and reproductive health within the community”.


“Prevention is better than cure” – GIZ Update

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NMSI’s partnership with GIZ has progressed well over the last few months, with the foundations being laid for the initial roll out of the ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ programme being headed by Miriam Sai, Genelec Support Services’ clinical specialist.”

The programme has progressed well and on 2 September, it was introduced to local Dodowa Community leaders and stakeholders, who have consented for the project to be rolled out into the
wider community. This is great news as this community engagement was always going to be crucial for the success of the programme.  It is also a great step forward in promoting preventive health measures and starting to educate communities on how to avoid risks to health and prevent illness. This is believed to be one of the fi rst preventive health care programmes in Ghana.

The aim of this program is to provide:

  • Access to information on preventive health in hospitals
  • Trained staff for consultation on preventative health measures
  • A bridge between traditional and modern medicine
  • Targeted information on high risks such as malaria, TB, HIV, waterborne viral illnesses

The programme will provide for:

  • Training for 30 Community volunteers and 18 Nurses from three local communities
  • A 14-day Community sensitization programme delivered by the trained staff
  • A 10-day screening program (BMI/Hypertension/Blood Sugar/Breast Screening/Nutrition) for the three local communities

The launch of the programme will take place at the Shai-Osudoku District Hospital in Dodowa, built by NMS Infrastructure under the Built To Care District Hospital programme and fully handed over to the Ghana Health Service in August 2016, with three communities having been identifi ed to participate within this programme. GIZ will be working closely with the Ministry of Health on this and if the pilot proves to be a success, it will be rolled out into other African countries.

Further updates to follow in the coming issue of the Ghana CSR newsletter.


Record-breaking cycle ride in aid of ACU in Ghana!

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Charles Stevens and Will Hsu, son of NMSI Deputy Chairman Frederik Hsu, can now lay claim to being two of the youngest people to ever cycle the Silk Road, as they reached Tehran on the 5th September to a rapturous welcome from family and friends. They were also congratulated by HE Nick Hopton, the newly appointed British Ambassador to Iran, in the elegant surroundings of the
recently re-opened British Embassy in Tehran.

Their epic cycle ride, that began in Beijing on Sunday 15th May, totalled over 10,000km in some of the harshest and least-travelled parts of the World. In the last few weeks alone, they endured searing temperatures daily, frequently in the upper 30’s and over 40 degrees celsius.

Speaking from Tehran, Will said: “It has been a trip of a lifetime, with its highs and lows, but we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s support, which helped us through the hardest moments”

The boys have achieved their fundraising target but any post-completion donations would be most welcome, as 100% of funds raised goes direct to supporting the ACU School at Ayenyah!

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