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“Prevention is better than cure” – GIZ Update

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NMSI’s partnership with GIZ has progressed well over the last few months, with the foundations being laid for the initial roll out of the ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ programme being headed by Miriam Sai, Genelec Support Services’ clinical specialist.”

The programme has progressed well and on 2 September, it was introduced to local Dodowa Community leaders and stakeholders, who have consented for the project to be rolled out into the
wider community. This is great news as this community engagement was always going to be crucial for the success of the programme.  It is also a great step forward in promoting preventive health measures and starting to educate communities on how to avoid risks to health and prevent illness. This is believed to be one of the fi rst preventive health care programmes in Ghana.

The aim of this program is to provide:

  • Access to information on preventive health in hospitals
  • Trained staff for consultation on preventative health measures
  • A bridge between traditional and modern medicine
  • Targeted information on high risks such as malaria, TB, HIV, waterborne viral illnesses

The programme will provide for:

  • Training for 30 Community volunteers and 18 Nurses from three local communities
  • A 14-day Community sensitization programme delivered by the trained staff
  • A 10-day screening program (BMI/Hypertension/Blood Sugar/Breast Screening/Nutrition) for the three local communities

The launch of the programme will take place at the Shai-Osudoku District Hospital in Dodowa, built by NMS Infrastructure under the Built To Care District Hospital programme and fully handed over to the Ghana Health Service in August 2016, with three communities having been identifi ed to participate within this programme. GIZ will be working closely with the Ministry of Health on this and if the pilot proves to be a success, it will be rolled out into other African countries.

Further updates to follow in the coming issue of the Ghana CSR newsletter.


Record-breaking cycle ride in aid of ACU in Ghana!

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Charles Stevens and Will Hsu, son of NMSI Deputy Chairman Frederik Hsu, can now lay claim to being two of the youngest people to ever cycle the Silk Road, as they reached Tehran on the 5th September to a rapturous welcome from family and friends. They were also congratulated by HE Nick Hopton, the newly appointed British Ambassador to Iran, in the elegant surroundings of the
recently re-opened British Embassy in Tehran.

Their epic cycle ride, that began in Beijing on Sunday 15th May, totalled over 10,000km in some of the harshest and least-travelled parts of the World. In the last few weeks alone, they endured searing temperatures daily, frequently in the upper 30’s and over 40 degrees celsius.

Speaking from Tehran, Will said: “It has been a trip of a lifetime, with its highs and lows, but we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s support, which helped us through the hardest moments”

The boys have achieved their fundraising target but any post-completion donations would be most welcome, as 100% of funds raised goes direct to supporting the ACU School at Ayenyah!

More info:

To donate:


Noyaa Roof Project

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From 11 to 15 August, Tom Vaughan of NMSI led a team of employees and volunteers on a CSR project to renovate the Noyaa Academy in Jamestown, Accra, with the help and support of the NMSI team.

The roof had numerous holes meaning that during the rainy season classes were severely interrupted due to flooding, while the children’s school books and food was being destroyed. The roof was replaced with new roofing sheets; new guttering was added in order to channel run-off water and a concrete apron was constructed along the right hand side of the building to divert surface water away from the building. In addition to the above, the team also created a new classroom, for older Year 4 students, by constructing a new partition wall in one of the larger rooms, using materials recycled from the Dodowa Hospital build. Finally, the school exterior was completely repainted in its customary blue.

Tom said: “it has been a great privilege to head up this very worthwhile CSR project. It fills me with great happiness and pride knowing that the underprivileged pupils of Noyaa may now continue
their education come rain or shine and that one day they might graduate into the national education system. This could not have been achieved without the help of my colleagues here at NMS,
especially my right-hand woman, Safia Wahab, and the support of the headmistress, Rachel, the students and the rest of the local community who took it upon themselves to help refurbish the school.  Good job all round!”

Rachel Annan, Noyaa Academy’s Headmistress said “I thank you and NMS for your help, it was so heart-warming seeing the love from the staff of NMS to us.


A Child Unheard – Update

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Under the stewardship of centre Manager, Reality Ayikoe and with the hard work of the Head Master, Ernest and the teachers, it is with great pleasure to report that the ACU Primary School in Ayenyah is making good progress – The Student attendance has risen from 48 to 102.

Due to some uncertainty around educational standards, all of the children have been put through a base line test so there is now a true picture of the children’s current reading abilities and educational level. This will enable each child to be placed into the correct learning program, so improvements will be more visible. It was also noticed that the students had difficulty in reading and speaking English so Reality and the team introduced an after school reading program which is proving to be a success.

The school has established a miniature pharmacy and fortnightly medical checks for the students and teachers. Thanks to a collaboration with the Head Nurse of the Ayenyah Community Clinic, the school has also started an adolescent club to help curb the prevailing problems of teenage pregnancy and truancy from school through life coaching and sexual reproductive health education.

Weekly output work inspections have also been introduced to understand how the teachers were performing. Even though this was met with some resistance at the beginning it is now great to report that this initiative has not only improved the school performance immensely but the improvements have also been recognised by the District Education Office. A huge congratulation to Ernest and all the teachers.

Moving forward and with the help of ACU fundraising efforts, the aim is to improve and repair the current fabric of the school, whilst the long term goals are to increase attendance and establish a Junior School – which the community has already engaged by donating land. If this aim could be achieved, then this would help an end to the children in the Ayenyah community having to walk up to 10 kilometres a day in severe heat to attain an education.

A Child Unheard are currently raising funds to refurbish and repair all the roofs of the school as they are leaking and causing major damage to the fabric of the buildings. The cost to do the required repairs is quoted at £20k. If you would like to donate, then please visit the link below:

ACU UpdateACU UpdateACU UpdateACU UpdateACU Update

Charles and William’s Cycle Ride to Tehran – Update

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Charles Stevens and William Hsu continue their epic journey, aiming to become the two youngest people to cycle the Silk Road.

Having cycled through China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan they are now making good progress through Kyrgistan. The boys are officially over halfway, having cycled more than 5,400km, about the same distance as London to Accra!

This challenging endeavour is in aid of raising money for A Child Unheard in Ghana. To donate please visit their JustGiving page (they have raised £20,837 so far):


You can follow their journey on their website and via social media:

Website –

Twitter – @biketripping1

Facebook –

Will & Charles UpdateWill & Charles UpdateWill & Charles UpdateWill & Charles UpdateWill & Charles UpdateWill & Charles Update

Wall Art in the Paediatric Ward at the Dodowa Hospital

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On the 7th of July, a small team from NMSI office in Accra, spent their day at the recently opened Dodowa hospital for a special CSR project in the paediatric ward.  Tom, Francis and Cynthia, along with Adrian Crowley’s wife, Esther, and two young children, Oisín and Eabha, brought a little more colour to the ward by putting up some fun and decorative animal and “Thomas the Tank Engine” stickers on the walls. The artistic endeavours did not end there, with the pièce de résistance featuring a large jungle mural which is instantly visible as soon as you enter the ward.

We hope this will bring some fun and pleasure to the kids in the ward and will make their time there a little less distressing.

Dodowa Wall ArtDodowa Wall Art

Noyaa Weaving Classes

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On 18th June, the children at the Noyaa Academy received their first class on how to weave from recyclable plastics.  The Noyaa Academy has teamed up with Environment360 to organise an eight-week programme sponsored by NMSI.

To help the school to become sustainable, Environment360 are hosting the plastic weaving classes where students will learn to weave baskets from recycled black rubber and water sachets. This tangible skill can be used to help raise revenue to care for themselves and their families, and will even ensure some stay in school.

Noyaa headmistress, Rachel Annan, said: “Our first class of using sachet rubber to make bags and other beautiful items was amazing with Angela teaching the kids the basic steps so that at the end of the eight-week programme the children will have acquired a skill that will help them in the future.”

Cordie Aziz, director of Environment360, added: “Environment360 believes in empowering children to not only clean up their environment, but equip them with skills that can help them earn money as well.”

Overall the first class was a great success and the children had fun, as well as starting the journey on how to have a tangible skill going forward. They are all very much looking forward to the next classes over the coming weeks and seeing their baskets at the end of the programme.

Noyaa - Basket MakingNoyaa - Basket MakingNoyaa - Basket MakingNoyaa - Basket MakingNoyaa - Basket MakingNoyaa - Basket Making

NMSI Continue To Support Noyaa for 2016/17 Academic Year

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[words from Caroline Young – NMSI CSR Manager]

“As some of you will know, I have been working closely with Rachel Annan, Headmistress at the Noyaa School to fully understand how we can best support them going forward. There has always been a commitment and intention for NMSI to build a new school for the children in Jamestown, however the reality is that this is unlikely to happen, due to its location within a development area.

The school is in a prime position and with Noyaa unable to be granted the necessary permission to remain, there would always be a risk that any new school could one day be demolished. I am sure you would agree that this is not the best way forward.

Therefore, Rachel and I have agreed that the most important factor for the children of Jamestown is to secure their education and long-term future. Thus the decision has been reached not to progress with the building of a new school but rather to continue by focusing on maximising benefits to the children by providing operational support for the school.

Noyaa is currently thriving and attendance has almost doubled to an average of 80 children attending daily. Those who progress to state school to continue their education, go on to achieve above average grades, which is an accolade to the work of Noyaa.

Our continued financial support for the next academic year will ensure these children continue to receive an education by funding 6 teachers and a cook, as well as the cost of providing nutrient-rich school meals.”

Noyaa (1)Noyaa (2)

Environmental Education Programme

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The NMSI-sponsored ‘Jaku and the Earth Defenders’ mobile gallery has been making its way around schools in Accra. The gallery teaches children about different types of pollutants, the importance of community sanitation and how they can protect the environment by being Earth Defenders as well.

On 31st May, the children of the Noyaa Academy were presented the ‘Jaku and The Earth Defenders’ gallery and learnt about how they can affect the environment. The visit proved to be another great collaboration between Noyaa and Environment360.

Noyaa and Environment360Noyaa and Environment360Noyaa and Environment360Noyaa and Environment360Noyaa and Environment360

Empowerment of Women in Business

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Adrian Crowley, NMSI’s Senior Commercial Manager, organised a workshop on 27th May, aimed at encouraging female members of the NMSI-Genelec-Soland team to feel more empowered and engaged in the business.

The guest speakers for the day were Sally Tetteh and her able colleague Beverly Okine, both part of the PIU (Project Implementation Unit) for the Ministry of Health, Ghana.

The event was a success and allowed Mrs Tetteh and Mrs Okine to share their own personal achievements as professional Ghanaian women to inspire their audience to aim high in their careers and grow to the top of their businesses.

Empowerment of Women in BusinessEmpowerment of Women in Business 2